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Wilson is a misanthrope sad, scared and quite fun midlife who meets with his ex-wife and getting a shot of happiness when you discover you have a teenage daughter who never met. In the exceptional linking excessive and somewhat twisted.

In the near future, Logan looks tired a patient Professor X agochofronteira a Mexican. But Logan trying to hide the world and his legacy is up-ended when was a young mutant, chased by darkpwersa.

Inthe future next, a tired Logan takes care of a sick Professor X in a region of the Mexican border. However, Logan tries to hide the world and his legacy is upended when a young mutant voice, pursued by dark forces. In 2029 mutantepoboaciĆ³n decreased substantially, and the X-Men dissolved. Logan, shrinking the power of self-healing, submitted to alcohol and now earns a living as a driver. He takes care of elderly patients at the time of Professor X layo.Isangthat hides, an unknown woman asking Loganeen woman called Laura to ride on the Canadian border. At first he refused, but the teacher is OFA long time to appear wait. Laura has a fitness battle and is extremely much like Wolverine. He was pursued by shady characters working for a company; Once your DNA contains secrets that connects Logan. The relentless pursuit begins – the third cinematic outing with the cartoon characterMarvel naWolverine found by superheroesasoladaalledaagse problems. They are aging, ill and struggling to survive. A dilapidated Logan is forced to wonder whether you can or even want to put your

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